Dry Van Freight Hauling Services

Fello Logistics is your reliable, knowledgeable partner for securing dry van freight hauling services. We recognize both the cost benefits and challenges of dry van hauling. That’s why we select this option for suitable freight and thoroughly vet every carrier to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Dry Van Freight Hauling Services

Dry van trailers are among the most popular options in trucking. And because they are plentiful in supply, shippers save money when we work with a dry van carrier. But despite the positives that come from using a dry van there are also issues with dry van trailers, including the lack of temperature control and insulation, as well as the potential for freight to move around and be exposed to condensation.

At Fello Logistics, our job is to help our clients take full advantage of dry van trailers by understanding the kinds of freight that travel well in dry vans, and by meticulously vetting the carriers to ensure they handle all these issues with excellence and professionalism.

Dry van trailers can present an enormous advantage for shippers. But you need a partner who understands how to navigate the issues that come with them.

With Fello, you have that partner.

Matching the Freight With the Trailer Conditions

Since dry van trailers lack temperature controls or insulation, and many have wood floors, your broker needs to understand the kinds of freight that can do well in a dry van environment. For many items – like machinery or canned food – these are non-issues because the freight is neither perishable nor susceptible to temperature or issues like condensation. At Fello, we understand when we can save clients time and money by deploying dry van carriers, and when we can’t and shouldn’t.

An Affordable Way To Go

The supply of dry van trailers is plentiful, and they don’t require specialized equipment like refrigeration or insulation. That makes dry van hauling a very affordable option for shippers, especially when you consider that freight in a dry van trailer is more protected from the elements than freight on a flatbed – even if it is not in temperature-controlled environment. For the right kinds of freight, we always look to save our clients money by exploring opportunities to assign freight to a dry van carrier.

Within Legal Limits

Since dry van trailers are designed to fit within legal full-truckload limits, they provide an opportunity for our clients to assign freight with carriers who won’t have to deal with additional permitting or other pre-planning. We take advantage of this benefit to save our clients money whenever possible.

Meticulous Vetting

Anyone can assign a load to a carrier who offers a good rate. Fello clients deserve more than that, and we deliver. We subject dry van carriers to a meticulous vetting process to ensure they have the track record and the qualifications to get our clients’ freight safely to its destination. We make sure they understand how to manage issues like jostling of contents so as to secure our clients’ freight. Before we assign a load to any carrier, we know the carrier’s reputation, its capacity, its safety record and its overall performance history. Working with Fello to secure dry van services means instantly connecting to the best carriers in the industry.

Always Available

The customer service team at Fello knows that freight never stops moving – so we never go off the grid for the sake of our clients. If you have a question, need confirmation on the status of a shipment or are concerned about a problem, it doesn’t matter the day or time. Call. We answer. Everyone who becomes part of our team understands and embraces that this is our customer-service model. Our phones are always on, because clients don’t only need us during business hours.

Let Us Put Dry van Shipping To Work For You

Dry van trailers, operated by properly vetted carriers, offer an affordable, reliable method of shipping the right kind of freight. Fello Logistics knows these carriers, and knows exactly how to match them up with the right kinds of freight. Trust Fello Logistics for all your dry van shipping needs. Call (952) 960-8817 so we can start taking care of you today.