Flatbed Shipping Services

Fello Logistics is your one-stop shop for flatbed hauling. We understand the complexities of oversized and unusual cargo, and we have the network and expertise to connect you with the perfect carrier for any job. From permits to secure loading, Fello Logistics ensures your freight arrives safely and on time.

Flatbed Services

Shippers who are moving large or unusually sized items – everything from defense munitions to farm equipment to solar panels and concrete slabs – rely on flatbed carriers to get the job done. But as you know, flatbed hauling is a complex business, and shippers need a partner who can connect them with the most qualified carrier for a given flatbed job.

Fello Logistics is your perfect partner.

We understand the requirements of all the different types of freight that need a flatbed carrier. We know the regulations. We know the safety standards. We know how to find the best rates. And most critically, we know our carriers and their capabilities. Shippers with freight that needs to go by flatbed can rest assured: With Fello Logistics, we will help you get it there safely.

The Right Flatbed for Every Situation

Does your freight need a double-drop, or possibly a step-deck, to accommodate taller goods? Is your freight longer and in need of a stretch flatbed? Or does your freight require the added security of a Conestoga? Maybe the shipper needs to haul large vehicles using a removable gooseneck. No matter the freight, no matter the qualifications, we know the type of flatbed that best matches your freight – and we’ll know who has it.

Always Secure

Without the security of four walls and a roof, freight on flatbed requires expert methods to keep it secure. Between the team at Fello and our trusted carriers, we not only understand the DOT guidelines, but possess the knowledge from experience that tells us whether to use chains or straps, whether a tarp is necessary, or whether a flatbed with rails would be needed. We will make sure your freight is always secure.

Oversize Expertise

Each state has its own regulations to govern the hauling of oversize loads, and the federal government has another layer of regulations. We know them well. Whether we’re talking about the overhang on a 48-foot flatbed deck or the extra permits necessary for a trailer over 65 feet long, we and our trusted carrier partners will ensure your load is both legal and safe.

Loading Like Pros

Securing a load on a flatbed is an intricate proposition. Experienced carriers know this, and so do well-informed logistics partners. They know how to locate the anchor points. They know that heavier items need to be in the center of the deck. They understand how to make the cushioning work in the flatbed environment. And you deserve partners who will put that knowledge to work when loading your freight on a flatbed trailer, every time.

The Right Carrier for the Job

Fello Logistics has an extensive network of carriers with flatbed hauling experience and capabilities. We work with them closely and we always know the best choice to handle a given piece of freight. Trust us to find the right carrier and manage the process from beginning to end.

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The Dedicated Partner You Need for Flatbed Hauling

Shippers deserve a logistics partner who understands flatbed hauling, knows the best carriers and keeps on top of the process from beginning to end – always informing the shipper so they can remain confident. The team at Fello Logistics has the knowledge, the connections, the experience and the commitment to come through on all of the above. Trust us for all your flatbed freight-hauling needs. Call (952) 960-8817 so we can start taking care of you today.