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Dylan Campbell

“People need problem solvers – someone they can trust. I think that’s where the digital freight brokers have fallen short. They provide this exceptional technology but they don’t have problem solvers. They don’t have people who care. They don’t have people taking action behind the scenes and treating shipments like their own.”

When you call Dylan Campbell at 6 in the morning, he answers. When you call Dylan at 9 o’clock on Saturday night with a problem, he answers and gets to work to find your solution.

Dylan learned, while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps as part of the Aircraft Rescue team, that leaving problems unsolved is simply not an option.

With experience working at some of the industry’s largest logistics firms, Dylan came to love and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry and the critical need to help shippers while forging positive relationships with carriers.

At the same time, he found that many logistics firms leaned so heavily on technology they forgot about the importance of customer service. So Dylan brought his service philosophy to Fello Logistics – determined to ensure that people remain the top priority in an increasingly digitized industry.

The result is a growing reputation as the industry’s go-to problem solver.

Dillon Blesi from Fello Logistics

Dillon Blesi

“We trust our drivers but we do hound them to make sure the customer is going to be satisfied. A driver might tell me he is going to be at the warehouse by 4. I know the warehouse closes at 5, and if he doesn’t get there until 6, the client is going to be mad. Part of our job is to make sure the client’s expectations are based on truth. And if we’ve promised something, we don’t take our hands off the situation until we know the promise has been fulfilled.”

Dillon Blesi has proven over the course of a still-young career that he is drawn to two things. One is exceptional service. The other is the launch of companies that provide it.

Dillon discovered his acumen for great service while working in the real estate, medical device and automotive industries. He enjoyed considerable success knowing how to take care of his clients. At the same time, he recognized a real opportunity in 2021 when the COVID pandemic created an explosion of demand in the trucking industry.

With demand through the roof, carriers and 3PLs were able to dictate the terms by which they could provide service, and shippers could do little but accept what they could get. Dillon knew shippers deserved better. He was also convinced carriers in the industry would welcome the opportunity to provide great service if they could work through a broker that would treat them fairly and honestly.

Dillon decided to start a 3PL/broker that would consistently deliver excellent service and communication, and would solve problems and keep its promises. So he pulled together a core team who saw the same need and shared Dillon’s vision to fulfill it.

Angela Lam

“Some of our clients tell us they could just go on some website and track shipments. But listening to our clients, they really appreciate the constant updates from the real people on our team, telling them, ‘Your driver’s here, this is the ETA, or he’s running into issues because of a storm.’ That’s the type of personal assurance that means the world to them.”

Throughout Angela Lam’s career in merchandising, she gained valuable insights into the importance of establishing personal connections with her customers – understanding their preferences, needs and wishes. When Fello Logistics launched, she believed the same philosophy should apply. Drawing on her expertise working under a jewelry buyer, Angela believed that the process of bringing shippers and carriers together would be most effective if the same personal touch was applied.

She was right.

One of her favorite examples is a customer in New Jersey that had been relying on a long-haul driver handling seven stops per day, which was very expensive considering the cost of using a long-haul driver for that type of assignment.

“We started consolidating it for them, going to a cheaper, local driver just running the 20 or 30 miles around the city and doing all the stops, then bringing the goods to the contracted warehouse,” Angela recalls. “From there, we would hire the long-haul driver to take the goods across the country.”

It saved the customer a small fortune. But first the broker had to care enough to want to solve the problem.
“I don’t know why their other broker didn’t do it for them,” Angela says. “They just didn’t.”

But Fello Logistics did.

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