People First.

At Fello Logistics, we’re big fans of technology. But we didn’t start this company to play with gadgets. We started it because shippers need problem-solvers who care. No one works harder, communicates better or thinks more strategically about how to get your freight where it needs to go than the team at Fello Logistics.

We keep you informed. We give you an honest assessment of what to expect and then we make sure that’s what happens.

Everyone can utilize technology. We use it too. But our clients need an advocate in this industry. Our clients deserve friends. And at Fello Logistics, we build relationships with shippers and carriers based on trust, reliability and genuine care.

Fello Logistics. People first.

3PL Shipping Services

Shippers deserve more than they often get from 3PLs and brokers. They deserve real allies – true friends – who care about their freight and about them. That’s why we started Fello Logistics, because we saw the frustrations of too many shippers who couldn’t get the attention, the communication, the honesty or the dedication they deserved from 3PLs. With our expertise in full truckload, less-than-truckload, warehousing, rail and drayage, we know how to ensure your freight is delivered safely and on time. And we are a trusted partner to carriers, always dealing with them honestly and fairly, because their success is just as important to us – and to our shipper clients – as ours.

Trust your freight to a 3PL that cares about your best interests, and values integrity and openness above all else.

Trust Fello Logistics.











Whatever your needs may be, Fello is ready to rise to the challenge.

Delivering Success. Together.

Every item of freight needs a team to get it where it needs to go, and someone has to captain that team. At Fello, we are the problem-solvers that shippers are looking for, and we’re the trusted partners carriers want. We keep everyone informed throughout the process. We tell the truth about what to expect, and then we make sure it happens that way.

It all comes down to these core values:


When someone assures you, “We’ve got this,” it should mean exactly that. No matter what it takes to deliver on that assurance. This is how Fello operates at all times. We know your freight has to make it to its destination, safe and on time, and we know you’re counting on us to captain that process right through to delivery – even if it requires a lot of us. This is where we shine. We’ll keep you informed. We’ll solve problems. We’ll be the most reliable partner and advocate you’ve ever had, because you deserve that.


You have the right to expect that your 3PL will tell you what’s really happening in any given situation, not just what the 3PL wants you to hear. You also have a right to have your 3PL do what it says it will do. Whether we’re explaining the disposition of freight to a shipper client or working out arrangements with a carrier partner, we’re upfront and true to our word. That shouldn’t be extraordinary in any industry. It should be the norm. And when you deal with Fello, it is.

Genuine Care

Every company says they really care. Here’s why you know it’s sincere coming from us: We started this company because it bothered us that shippers didn’t get the service they deserved, and that carriers weren’t being treated by brokers as they should be. We know how important it is to find caring people to take care of your freight. And we prove it. We care about your success and well-being, and it’s an honor to have a role in bringing it about. That’s genuine care, Fello Logistics style.

Join the Fello Logistics Team

We’re always looking for qualified professionals with excellent relationship and problem-solving skills. If you’re ready to embrace our whatever-it-takes attitude, we’d love to hear from you.

 Carrier Collaboration

We make friends in the carrier community by treating carriers with respect, integrity and openness. We want you to do well. We want your relationship with us to make you more successful, and give you more reasons to enjoy what you do. Our team will get to know your team well. The process is seamless and refreshingly honest. We do great work together. And we become friends, for all the best reasons.

Fello Logistics freight carriers appreciate our commitment to:

  • Strategic partnerships that grow your business
  • Quick payment options
  • On-time payments
  • Efficient onboarding
  • Honesty, openness and integrity at all points in the process

Partner with Fello to learn how seamless carrier logistics can be with the right people in your corner.

Some of our Partners

Experience logistics the way it should be.

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I have been doing business with Fello now for a little over a year. They have been the best logistics team I've ever worked with. Furthermore, when problems do arise (which in the logistics industry they inevitably do) they do whatever it takes for the problems to be resolved quickly and efficiently! - Luke McGuire

McGuire Roofing Products

Fastbreak has been partnering with Fello since October of 2021. We have never been let down! Transportation can be a very tricky business and it helps to be partners with someone so reliable and trustworthy. I can honestly say they are family.
The customer service Fello provides is stellar. In today’s world of robotic customer service, Fello answers the phone and provides up to the moment details on our shipments. Fello usually answers shipping questions before one thinks to ask. Fello provides on time pickup and delivery which is amazing. Hands down I would and do recommend Fello to our customers. They make us look better just being associated with them.

Fastbreak Consolidators

We have been exceptionally pleased with the outstanding service provided by Fello Logistics. Their commitment to reliability, timely deliveries, and seamless logistics has played a pivotal role in optimizing our supply chain. The professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by the entire team, from constant communication to daily updates, have undoubtedly contributed to the success of our operations. We highly recommend Fello Logistics for their exceptional performance and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Gypsum Resources

As a small company with specialized freight needs, we were left in the dust with a lot of freight carriers/forwarders with many delivery issues and frustrated customers. The Fello team has transformed our shipping program by understanding our specific needs, responding quickly to issues and requests, and being extremely customer focused toward both us and our clients. It is wonderful to have a partner that works alongside us to help streamline our processes and grow our business!


We greatly appreciate the attention to detail and consistent communication we receive from the team at Fello. Transparency and reliability are both very important to our success and we can always count on Fello to always keeps us informed. Finding solutions for us efficiently is one of Fello’s best qualities as an organization and we feel confident when putting a complicated shipment in front of them. They get the job done right and go above and beyond to cater to our needs as a customer.

RKS Sales Group

As a start up, our needs are constantly shifting and finding logistics companies that will navigate that with us can be a challenge until now. Fello has been flexible and dependable and we appreciate the support they provide. Their team seeks to understand our business and anticipate what we may need as we grow. It is a comfort to trust they are thinking a step ahead and desire to see us succeed.

Wahi Nutrition

Fello Logistics is an exceptional transportation company that combines efficiency, professionalism, and affordability, while prioritizing customer satisfaction. They effortlessly coordinate every step of the process, providing a seamless and timely operation from pick-up to delivery. Over the past couple of years, Binderholz has had the privilege of building a valuable partnership with their team. We have been impressed with their competitive pricing, state-of-the-art tracking systems, and unparalleled accommodation & courtesy. If you are looking for trusted, reliable service, we highly recommend Fello Logistics!

Binderholz Timber

From the first shipment Fello Logistics has been amazing. They are always available to answer any questions I may have. Their team always keeps track of our shipments and gets us whatever information we need. Our freight always arrives on time and we have never had to file a freight claim with Fello.

Sea Foam