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How Truckload Shipping Can Power Your Supply Chain

The Power of Full Truckload Freight Shipping

For shipping, logistics, and purchasing managers, the backbone of your operations is often hidden in plain sight: truck load shipping. These mammoth convoys are your trusted allies, ensuring seamless transportation of goods. In this blog, we’ll explore the vital world of full truck load shipping and how it powers your supply chain efficiency. Buckle up and get ready to optimize your truckload logistics!

What is Truckload Shipping?

Truckload shipping or full truckload (FTL) shipping refers to the mode of freight transportation for goods that fill an entire truck. Unlike LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping, where the truckload is full of multiple shipments from different customers and are then consolidated into one truck. Truckload shipping only involves a single shipment that occupies the entire truck.

These types of shipments are typically used for large, heavy, or fragile items that require dedicated space and handling. The size and weight of the shipment determine whether it qualifies for truckload shipping. The use of full truckload is largely determined by the distance of the goods, along with quantity as previously mentioned.

Benefits Of Truckload Shipping

Working with a third-party logistics (3PL) company can help coordinate your shipping partners and carriers, making it a common choice for businesses to streamline shipments. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Truckload shipping provides an economical solution for larger shipments, compared to LTL or other modes of transportation.
  • Timely Shipments: With direct routes and fewer stops, truckload shipping can lead to quicker delivery times, ensuring timely arrivals.
  • Safe & Secure Shipping: As goods are loaded onto the truck and delivered directly to their destination, there’s minimal handling involved, decreasing the risk of damage or loss.
  • Dedicated Capacity: Due to our beginning to end involvement, we can assure a dedicated truck for your shipment, ensuring safe delivery is the sole focus of the transportation process.
  • Personalized Solutions: We have the ability to tailor custom solutions to fit your specific needs and offer options like climate-controlled freight.
  • Proactive Communication: Working with a 3PL company you can trust ensures you are always in-the-know about your shipment, including proactive communication if there are delays or setbacks.

Generally, Full Truckload Logistics (FTL logistics) offers a more cost-effective and reliable option for businesses seeking streamlined, uninterrupted shipping solutions. The freight needs, such as refrigeration, also play a role in the rate. Of course, other factors like seasonal demand, geography, and weather mixed with the delivery timeline and destination may also cause the delivery to vary.

Many industries benefit from and frequently rely on truckload shipping, some of these industries being B2B manufacturing, food and health distributors, perishables, and numerous others. Companies often opt for this method of shipping due to cost, and because it can be more efficient for bulk shipments.

Types of Full Truckload Shipping

At Fello Logistics, we continue to provide value, quality, and solutions that help you feel confident partnering with us. It’s all about delivering success, together. We offer three types of freight truck shipping options for your transportation needs:

Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed shipping is an excellent choice for transporting goods that cannot be accommodated by standard enclosed trailers or containers due to their size, shape, or special handling requirements. Unlike enclosed trailers, flatbed trailers do not have walls or a ceiling, making them suitable for carrying oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. The absence of walls and a roof allows for easy loading and unloading from the sides and above, using cranes or other equipment.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control Shipping is the solution to keeping sensitive goods at their exact temperature. These climate-controlled trucks come with refrigeration equipment engineered to regulate the spectrum of temperature needs during transportation — keeping your goods in optimal condition.

Dry Van

Dry Van Shipping is a common method of freight transportation that involves the use of standard dry van box trucks. The dry van’s enclosed trailer shields goods from weather, theft, and damage. Unlike our climate-controlled truck solutions, dry van transportation is suitable for consumer goods and non-perishable items.

Challenges To Truckload Shippers

The world of truckload shipping can come with various challenges, ranging from business obstacles, fees, and other market factors. Working with a reliable 3PL company can make the process seamless and less stressful by connecting you with trustworthy carriers that help strategize, plan, and provide proactive communication throughout each shipment.

A supportive third-party logistics company will help you navigate through these different challenges, through proper coordination and communication.

Your Trusted 3PL Logistics Partner

At Fello Logistics, transporting freight goes far beyond just getting the job done. We proudly incorporate an added layer of support, ensuring our carriers and shippers have the best experience possible, every time. Our philosophy is simple — seamless solutions delivered by real people well-versed in the efficiencies of logistics. We remain fully invested in serving your best interests by providing the transportation services you need, along with the strategic solutions you deserve.

Schedule a full-scale strategy call today to learn how seamless freight can be with Fello Logistics.

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